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Henan Zhitai Biotechnology Co., Ltd. is located in Liandong U Valley, Zhengzhou Economic and Technological Development Zone. The company was established in 2016. It is a new type of biotechnology company dedicated to the development, production and sales of innovative molecular diagnostic products. The company has a professional laboratory. Advanced experimental equipment and experienced scientific research and technical personnel, with a number of independent intellectual property rights and rapid molecular detection technology platforms, including nucleic acid integrated constant temperature amplification platform, fluorescent quantitative PCR platform, nucleic acid lateral flow chromatography test strip platform, PCR reagent freeze-dried microsphere technology platform, and developed a series of rapid molecular diagnostic kit products based on the above platform. The products developed by the company make molecular diagnostics get rid of the dependence on professional PCR laboratories and experimenters, make molecular detection more convenient, facilitate rapid promotion at the grassroots level, and enable molecular detection technology to be quickly used.

The company has a full range of biological and medical technology service platforms, and is mainly committed to the development and application of related human and animal source detection kits such as genomics, transcriptomics, case monitoring, genetic testing, pathogen detection, infectious disease source detection, and so on. At the same time, it pays attention to the application and promotion of the above-mentioned technologies in scientific research, serves the biological research of universities, medical institutions, research institutions, and enterprises, and provides customers with comprehensive technical solutions and services through a highly segmented and all-round service platform.
Zhitai Biotechnology website goes online

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