Platform Introduction:
The system consists of an automatic nucleic acid analyzer and a disposable nucleic acid detection device, which integrates nucleic acid extraction, nucleic acid amplification, and amplification detection. During the detection process, only the sample is added to the disposable nucleic acid detection device, and then the automatic nucleic acid detection The analyzer is started with "one-button", and the whole process is in a closed state. The new molecular diagnostic platform of "sample enters and results come out" is fully realized, which avoids multiple exposures to the air after the sample is obtained and reduces the risk to the inspector. Potential infection risk, no special requirements for operator skills and use environment, suitable for on-site rapid diagnosis of infectious diseases, gene mutations, gene expression changes, etc. Compared with the existing similar products in the world, this product greatly simplifies the detection workflow and does not require professional molecular laboratories and technical personnel, reducing the requirements for professional PCR laboratories and protection levels for nucleic acid detection. At the same time, the system realizes that it contains multiple channels, each The channel is controlled independently to realize the function of sample on-demand inspection, which can detect single to multiple samples at the same time, which is suitable for use in grassroots and large hospitals.

The disposable nucleic acid detection device is divided into upper and lower three layers, respectively filled with nucleic acid extraction reagents, and cooperated with a nucleic acid integrated constant temperature detector to realize automatic detection of sample nucleic acid. The one-time closed device, the experimental process is fully sealed to prevent contamination; it has strong scalability and is suitable for a variety of sample types and intended uses; multiple nucleic acid amplification systems are set at the bottom, and the sample can be added at one time, which can be used for multiple diseases Joint detection。

Platform advantage:
1. Centralize the laboratory nucleic acid detection process, simple operation steps, avoid excessive manual operation, and reduce the requirements for professional molecular detection laboratories.
2. Only one sample addition is required, and the subsequent testing process is in a closed state to avoid cross-contamination, prevent false positive test results, and make the test results more accurate.
3. The amplification method is constant temperature amplification, which has low instrument requirements and low cost.
4. There are multiple amplification tubes, which can be controlled independently and inspected on demand to meet the needs of different sample sizes.
5. The amplification time adopts freeze-dried microsphere technology and does not require cold chain transportation.

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