This product uses chromatographic double antibody sandwich method to quickly detect nucleic acid amplification products. Compared with the traditional agarose gel electrophoresis detection, the nucleic acid detection test strip is simple to operate, quick to read, does not contain toxic substances, and does not require any equipment. After the sample is processed by the rapid extraction reagent, it can be directly used in the constant temperature amplification reaction. After the amplification of the reaction tube is completed in the simple temperature control device, it is directly put into the disposable device containing the detection test strip, and the reaction is performed by immunochromatography. The color is developed on the test strip, and the result is visually observed to determine the genotype or qualitative nature of the sample.

1. The sensitivity is higher than conventional PCR detection.
2. Primers are designed according to six different regions of the gene, with strong specificity.
3. The equipment requirements are low, the operation is simple, and the detection time is short. The detection product does not need to be exposed to the external environment, reducing pollution, and can be used in the primary detection department.
4. The judgment of the result is intuitive and simple, no professionals or special instruments are needed.

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