In the PCR process, the 5'end of the PCR primer is labeled with biotin or digoxigenyl group, and the FITC-labeled probe is set at the same time. During PCR amplification, if the sample contains the target fragment, a large number of organisms will be generated Biotin or digoxigenin-labeled PCR product, biotin or digoxigenin-labeled PCR product is hybridized with FITC-labeled specific probe, FITC-labeled specific probe is combined with anti-FITC antibody gold label to produce biotin -FITC-anti-FITC antibody or digoxin-FITC-FITC antibody conjugate, drip the conjugate onto the test strip, diffuse through the chromatographic membrane, and when it diffuses to the detection line, the biotin-labeled amplification product is The biotin ligand is captured to form a colored detection line, and the digoxin-labeled amplification product is captured by the digoxin antibody to form a colored detection line. The immune complexes that are not captured continue to diffuse to the quality control line and are captured by specific antibodies, forming a colored quality control line.

1、High specificity: only detect specific PCR products with good specificity;
2、High sensitivity: high detection sensitivity, the lower limit is 5pg DNA;
3、Simple to use: no complicated colloid preparation process, the whole process is non-toxic, and no special testing equipment is needed;
4、Short detection time: the results can be visually inspected in 5-15 minutes and interpreted by naked eyes;

The product is suitable for molecular biology laboratory, clinical experiment, animal and plant quarantine, import and export quarantine and other fields, and can be tested independently after various gene amplification methods (PCR, LAMP, etc.)。

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